In a world where fast fashion often trumps quality and individuality, there emerges a beacon of timeless craftsmanship and unmatched style – Natashia Paul, the visionary owner of Chuupul Leather. This artisan extraordinaire has made it her life's mission to redefine the travel accessory landscape, catering to the wanderlust-driven souls who crave durability, elegance, and a touch of uniqueness in their journey. 

I decided to combine my long-lasting love for handbags with my passion for traveling, and just like that, Chuupul was born!

The Genesis of a Dream

Natashia's journey into the world of travel accessories began as an exploration of her own wanderlust. It all started when she realized there was a void in the market for travel products that blended durability and style seamlessly. With an unwavering commitment to quality and an acute eye for design, Natashia set out to bridge this gap, bringing Chuupul Leather to life.

Handmade Excellence

Chuupul Leather is a testament to the art of craftsmanship. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted, reflecting Natashia's unwavering dedication to perfection. From backpacks that can withstand the harshest of terrains to handbags that are both practical and fashion-forward, every item is a masterpiece that speaks to the heart of a true traveler.

Durability Meets Style

Natashia's creations are not just travel accessories; they're an extension of one's identity. Chuupul Leather products exude sophistication and a timeless allure while being built to withstand the rigors of globetrotting. The combination of rugged durability and chic design is what sets Chuupul Leather apart. You can traverse the globe without sacrificing style or individuality.

A Legacy of Uniqueness

What truly sets Natashia and Chuupul Leather apart is the emphasis on individuality. Each product is a canvas of self-expression. From custom engravings to bespoke colors, every item reflects the unique story of its owner. It's not just a bag; it's your companion on an adventure, and it should tell your story.

Natashia Paul's Chuupul Leather has redefined travel accessories. With a focus on durability, style, and the celebration of individuality, she's not just creating products; she's crafting memories. So, whether you're exploring the urban jungle or conquering the great outdoors, Chuupul Leather is more than a brand – it's an invitation to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Join Natashia and the Chuupul Leather family, and let your adventures be as unique as the accessories that accompany you.



Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Chuupul Leather is NOLA proud, a city is known for its resilience. Chuupul Leather is committed to building upon that spirit of perseverance.  We are focused on developing a Sustainable and Socially Active Brand.  A considerable part of Chuupul's mission is to assist the many communities Natashia calls home.

Delivering on that mission, the company has developed partnerships with fellow artist and manufacturers worldwide, curating raw materials and artisanal works stimulating opportunity and economic growth internationally.  At home, we support an array of charitable organizations and annual fundraisers.

"The road less traveled, may not even be a road."  

Natashia's ultimate goal is to use something small, like a backpack, to inspire people to travel, see the world and purse your dreams.   

We are committed to providing high-quality travel accessories with a purpose.

To learn more about Chuupul's mission or Natashia's solo international travels, please feel free to contact us at